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Some home remedies for Healthy Life

Healthy Body

For healthy life it's important to stay fit many of the peoples are suffering many disease like belly fat etc.

Some mens are start taking various supplements and protein powder to increase strength without knowing side effect.



If you feel very weak all time then you have include garlic in your diet.

Benefits of Garlic

Eating 3-4 cloves of garlic every morning on an empty stomach which increase physical strength and prevent from many health problem


Nuts are very beneficial for health and if your body is lean and feel week the you have to include in your diet.


Banana are rich source of energy and carbohydrates as its helps in increase in strength then you should add in your diet 

Eating of whole gains is very beneficial for health. Tuple-thin person should include in his diet.


If you trouble with the proble of thinness then you  should must add 60 gram raisins  daily in you diet plan


This story is for general information . For any specific information take proper advice from expert.


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