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Symptoms of Stomach Ulcer

Risk Factor

Your gamble of getting a ulcer may be raised by factors like smoking, hereditary qualities, steroid utilization, and liquor addiction.

Indigestion or Heartburn

At the point when stomach corrosive goes up to the throat, it causes acid reflux or indigestion, which can be exacerbated by ulcers.


Stomach ulcers can sporadically cause a blockage in the stomach related framework, which can bring about hunger misfortune and weight reduction.


The most well-known side effect of a stomach ulcer is consuming torment in the midsection. It very well may be because of gastric issues also. Pay special attention to different side effects as well.


Stomach constrictions might result from the provocative reaction that ulcers incite. You could upchuck in the event that they become sufficient.

A ulcer that is draining could be recognized assuming you notice that your stool is dim, the shade of processed blood. Counsel a specialist on the off chance that the stool is dim for over 3 days.


Assuming you have a ulcer, stay away from the things that aggravate your ulcer. This implies keeping away from zesty food varieties, liquor and smoking.

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