Disease can cause due to less water drink

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Need of 

Usually a person should drink 7-8 glasses of water.  But indulging in physical activity, pregnant women and lactating women need more water.

Disadvantages of drinking
Less Water

Due to less amount of water in the body, the body may have to face many problems.  Let us know the disadvantages of drinking less water.

Tired & 


By drinking less water, the body uses the water present in the blood to meet the water requirement.  Due to which you feel tired and lethargic.

The muscles of the body require water.  Drinking less water weakens the muscles.  So keep drinking water during exercise.



Pain in 

Constipation, indigestion, gas and stomach related problems have to be faced by drinking less water.  By not drinking water for a long time, the acid stored in the body harms the body.

Smell from 

Due to lack of water, the mouth starts drying, due to which bacteria start growing in the mouth and bad breath starts from the mouth.

This news is based on general information.  For any kind of specific information, take proper advice from the specialist.


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