Control High Blood Pressure


 Due to poor lifestyle  If your blood pressure remains high, then in this article learn about some easy tips to control it.



 Do exercise for at least half an hour daily.  Apart from heart disease, high BP, it also relieves you from many other problems.



 Add fruits and vegetables to your diet


Being high in potassium, it helps in controlling high blood pressure.  Along with this, it also reduces the problem of restlessness, nervousness and fatigue.

 It is rich in the properties of potassium.  Consuming it provides relief in the problem of high blood pressure.  Along with this, it keeps your heart healthy.

Fennel Water

It is rich in the properties of potassium which is beneficial for high blood pressure patients.  Drink a glass of lemon water every morning.


You can also have high blood pressure problems due to the high amount of salt in the food.  It also increases the risk of heart diseases.


Follow these simple tips to control blood pressure.