Benefits of Chewing Neem Leaf

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You must also know that Neem leaves have many medicinal properties.  If you chew 4-5 leaves of neem on an empty stomach every morning and eat it, then your health gets many tremendous benefits

#1. Control on diabetes 

Chewing fresh neem leaves can be of great benefit to diabetics.  Neem leaves have properties to control blood sugar.

#2. Purify Blood

 Neem leaves purify the blood.  Chewing these leaves on an empty stomach every morning, detoxifies the blood well, which keeps many diseases away.

 Neem leaves remove the dirt of the body, which increases the glow on the skin and removes the problem of acne and pimples.  It also clears the blemishes of the skin.

#3. Increase Imunity

Many minerals, vitamins and antioxidants are found in neem leaves, which help in increasing immunity.

These benefits, you should eat fresh neem leaves every morning after washing them.  Keep reading for more such health related information