Is drinking beer good for health ?

Light to direct brew utilization can bring down heart-related infection and furthermore can forestall heart failure.

Light to direct brew admission is connected to more grounded bones in men and postmenopausal in ladies.

Bone Density

Light to direct liquor utilization seems to lessen insulin opposition, a gamble factor for diabetes.


A few lagers are a decent wellspring of Antioxidants. Antioxidants are known for battling free revolutionaries in your body.


Beer is a rich wellspring of nutrients, and minerals, and some likewise contain antioxidants. Light to direct beer consumption brings down the gamble of dementia yet weighty admission rather expands the gamble.

Most beers are high in calories, so drinking in enormous sums regularly can prompt significant weight gain.


Liquor is an extremely habit-forming drug. The probability of securing greasy liver sickness increments in the event that you polish off multiple beers consistently..

Your gamble of coronary illness and stroke might increment on the off chance that you drink liquor unnecessarily. Attempt to change your utilization following your wellbeing needs 


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